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Power Water engineering building

Demonstrating the Rossi Architects capacity and talent for developing large-scale architectural solutions is this purpose built engineering facility for the Power Water Corporation.

Comfortably accommodating a team of 25 engineers, the structure is located at the Channel Island power station, and delivers on function, cost and form. With energy efficiency a key consideration we incorporated large overhangs and shading devices to insulate and cool the building. Custom glazing with an acoustic interlayer acts to reduce noise created by nearby power station turbines.

A modern, industrial aesthetic was applied to link the appearance of the building to its purpose, with blade walls, vibrant colours and aluminium accents offering a high end style solution.

Rossi Architects worked with the client to ensure their Government branding was accurately incorporated both internally and externally. We kept our client informed every step of the way ensuring a project that was delivered seamlessly and that met every expectation.


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